Communication has changed forever

so has the way we do business.


Stay Social Dallas is a full-service digital marketing & PR agency that uses social media, PR and branding to provide a complete marketing mix to drive results for our clients. We help brands discover their full potential by creating two-way, meaningful conversations to engage their customers in real-time.


What we do


We got tired of big agencies
talking the talk




Every business and every industry is different. Many digital marketing agencies today have cookie-cutter, tired practices that are applied to every client. Then they charge a 30% markup for it with no measurable results.


We are different


We are marketing for millennials by millennials



Stay Social Dallas’ process learns your target market, your current methods of obtaining business, and strategizes ways to increase your revenue. Marketing is constantly changing, and our business model will never stop evolving to adapt to the digital landscape. 

Whether that means a Facebook Ad Campaign to increase brand recognition, Influencer Marketing to increase reach, or a Brand Refresh to modernize or align with that target market, we deliver and get results.




One stop for all things digital

We use social media, PR and branding to provide a complete marketing mix to drive results for our clients so they can focus on their businesses.


Ready to get to work?


Results-driven, human-centered, effective

Stay Social Dallas is focused on emotional connection and building trust in a digital world to increase brand exposure and ultimately sales for our clients. See what we can do for you today!